Classic Hand Pruner

1. Great for gardening: This pruning shear is a necessary tool for any gardener. Garden scissors can be used for a wide variety of gardening tasks, from pruning delicate leaf stems to cutting tree branches.
2. Designed for comfort: with the garden scissors' ergonomic design and thickened PVC non-slip handle. Prevents your hand from wrist fatigue, and ensures a secure hold no matter the hand size and for the right or left handed individuals.
3. Safe for using and storage: unlocking and locking the pruning shears effortlessly by sliding the steel button while pressing it with your thumb. This means that you can then store them without having to worry about injury or property damage.
4. Long-lasting and rust resistant: blade is crafted from a durable stainless steel which will stay sharp for years to come and is resistant to rust build-up and chipping.
5. Easy to clean: Because the garden scissors features a self-cleaning sap groove, sticky debris won't get caught up in the blade, creating yet another mess for you to clean up.

SK5 cutting blade heat treated with hard chtomeplating
PP handle
size:180mm Blade:54mm
Blade hardness:58°+/-1.5